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Site Audit: (Detailed Diagnostic Review)

A website is a critical part of any business nowadays. No business can afford not to have one. And with the huge strides being made in the technology field, it is easier than ever to have a website up and running in no time.

This has a downside though. It is no longer necessary to have special training in coding and HTML and a bunch of other hard to pronounce skills in order to build a website. (That part is good) But it means that because it’s easy enough for “anyone” to do, “Anyone” is often the person who ends up getting tasked with the project.

As easy as it now is, there are still those bits n’ pieces “under the hood” that need to be set up right for things to work right. So while your new site may look just great, it may not be performing as it should.

A site audit will look at more than just the copywriting and content component of the site. Other factors such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords and phrases, Meta Tags and site titles, to name a few, will be carefully checked.

A detailed report will be delivered including recommendations of what, if anything, needs attention. The fee listed below is based on a website with Home page and 2-5 other pages such as main category pages and product-specific pages as well as an About Us page and a Contact page. The price will increase for larger, more complicated sites with higher page counts.

The base rate for a Site Audit is $1,000


Some would say that email’s day has come and gone. Don’t listen to them, email is very much alive and well and in fact, is a critical part of any business’s marketing strategy.

If you don’t take full advantage of email, you’re losing money. Period.

What has changed is that the novelty has worn off and the sheer volume of email we are all bombarded with daily is staggering. This has desensitized us to emails and we are less and less willing to open every email that lands in our inbox.

Now-a-days, you can’t just fire off a quick email and hope for the best. Too casual an approach and you could be looking at a 10% open rate, or less. That means that 90% of your emails land in the trash unopened.

And right there is challenge number 1, your subject line. You have to have a sizzling hot subject line that jumps out and grabs your customer. They should feel they just have to open the email to see what’s inside.

Next, you have to have a great lead that pulls your customer in and compels them to read all the way to the end. But . . . all the bits have to connect, you can’t have a red hot subject line that does not relate to the lead and content of your email.

Bottom line, the object of the email is to build and improve that relationship with your customer and move them towards taking action – ultimately, buying your product.

With my writing expertise and intimate knowledge of your customer, I can do that for you.

Email copy includes Promotional emails, Autoresponder series, regular emails which can be daily, weekly or whatever interval may be appropriate.

The base rate for an email is $300. *


Beyond the obvious advantage of savings in printing and mailing costs, eNewsletters offer other advantages that make them a must for any company.

Some other benefits:

  • Boosts your lead generation and cross selling
  • Increases client life time value
  • Is a low cost, instant means of contacting your clients
  • Positions you as an innovative thought leader
  • Creates two-way communication with clients and prospects
  • Leverages other company material such as website, social media & other marketing material

My eNewsletter service is a two part package:

  1. Part one is the setup process, everything that goes in to setting it all up before the first Newsletter goes out. Meetings to establish the strategy, the company “voice”, topics, publishing schedule etc. Any preliminary writing such as welcome email, sign-up page, an “About Us” piece. Custom design. Choosing an email vendor. The end of part 1 is usually signaled by delivering the first Newsletter.
  2. Part two ongoing publishing of the (usually) monthly Newsletter.

Base rate for Part 1. – $3000, Part 2. – $400/Issue *

Web Copy

In this high speed, high tech era, no company can afford to be without a web presence. At the very least, a website.

And, with the exponential growth in the amount of information we are exposed to each day, we become more and more inclined to deploy our delete button finger or scroll on by. So it becomes more and more challenging to grab the attention of our prospects and customers.

Not unlike the email subject line, the website has mere seconds to grab the visitors attention and convince them to stay and look around.

Here too, you need a copywriter who can not only write hard hitting, compelling copy but also understands your customer and speaks their language.

The Copywriter Outdoors can do that for you.

Web copy can include website Home pages, Information pages and just like this site, About pages, Services pages, a Contact page and many more.

Base rate for Home page – $1,500. Other pages – $750 *

The services listed above are what I consider to be my core specialties. I will however consider other projects depending on type of project and my schedule. Should you have a project that does not fall into the core specialties listed here, please contact me for a consultation about your requirements.

* – Fees listed above are a base line only. There are a number of variables involved that will affect the final fee. Contact me for a more detailed discussion of fees.