My writing process

Here is a brief, step by step walk-through of how my writing process works and what you can expect when working with me.

  1. Contact and Communications Policies

Fast and easy communication is critical to any project. During our project, I am available Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm PT.

The preferred – and best – method to reach me is email at For urgent matters, you can reach me by phone on +1 503 212 4110.

  1. Discussing the Project and Questionnaire

To get started with a potential project, I will send you a comprehensive Discovery Questionnaire Word Doc. This will help us clearly define the scope of the project and ensure maximum results. Most clients are able to return the Questionnaire within 3 business days.

When you return the Questionnaire, I review and study your answers, plus any other applicable initial research needed. I will then outline a short Project Roadmap. This will ensure we are on the same page and help you see that I fully understand the project. This will be the basis for our Launch Call scheduled 3-10 days after I receive the completed Questionnaire. Generally, a 20 minute Launch Call is sufficient to discuss the Project Roadmap. It is also an opportunity to address any questions or additional insights or directions you may have. Following that call, I will draft and send you an Agreement.

  1. Investment and Start of Project

The Agreement will contain all the specifics on what exactly I will deliver, including project deadlines. It will also list your investment for the project and terms of payment. (Note: I require a payment of 50% of the project total to begin. This is usually by bank wire or overnight payment but I also accept payments through PayPal.)

Once we have both signed the Agreement and the 50% deposit has been received, I will begin working on your copy as agreed.

If you cancel the project after I have begun working on it, a “Kill Fee” of the 50% deposit may be applied.

  1. Research

I carry out thorough research on all of my projects. I begin with a complete review of your website and any other materials you send me. I then research the market, including your competitors. I may ask to communicate with your customer service team, past clients/customers, and different department heads where appropriate.

As needed, I will reach out to you for additional details, product samples, and other resources.

You can be sure that I will quickly and effectively understand your product, your voice, and your customer’s core emotional purchase drivers.

  1. Collaboration

As we work on this project together, communication is critical. Some clients are very busy and prefer to hand off the project and review the first draft, with very little communication in between. Others prefer more frequent communication.

Which is your preference?

Please send me an email and let me know how often you’d like to communicate and what the best way is to reach out to you (i.e., email, phone, social media, text, etc. … ).

One other point … I require that you assign me a single point of contact on your team. I will communicate directly with that person and they will deal with your other team members as needed to obtain information and approvals. This keeps it simple and prevents confusion.

  1. First Draft Review

Typically, you’ll receive the first draft in 10-14 business days, depending on the project size and scope.

When you get the first draft, please review it carefully. Also, have any relevant team members review it. Most important at this point is to ensure that the tone, message, and details of any offer are right. Then let me know if there is any fine-tuning to be done.

  1. Revisions

After you review the initial draft, it is likely that you’ll want some things changed. Requests for changes should be submitted to me within 14 days of you receiving the First Draft from me.

I will review all your suggested changes within 24 hours of you submitting them to me. I will make my adjustments within 2-4 business days, depending on the breadth and complexity of your suggested changes.

In all cases, I recognize that these are your customers and will defer to you for a final decision.

However, sometimes, there are cases where my clients make suggestions that, based on my experience, I know will not work well and may hurt profits. In those cases, you can expect me to be direct but respectful in my feedback. When clients insist on changes that I feel will not work, I would recommend a simple A/B split test. Let the market vote.

  1. Additional Reviews

After the first round of changes, there may be some additional fine-tuning needed. You can rest assured that I’ll gladly work with you until you are delighted with the copy. In most cases, one review volley is enough. When more are needed, it is usually just minor details and the process goes quickly. Typically, final copy can be reached within 1-3 business days.

  1. Final Approval

Once all revisions are done, I will submit a final draft to you. At this point, you approve the copy by sending me an email stating your approval.

Upon receiving your final approval, I will invoice you for the remaining 50% of the project investment. The invoice is due upon receipt. I will make every effort to be prompt in responding to your requests and assume that, as a professional, you will do the same with my invoices.

In most cases, the final copy is sent to a designer for formatting. I would encourage you to send me a PDF of the final version. I will double check that any graphic elements added by your design team enhance the copy and make it more effective.

If I see something that is distracting and may hurt your response rates, I’ll let you know directly. If requested, I’m happy to work with your design team to make any changes needed to make the end version as effective as possible.

  1. Transition to New Projects

Once the project is done, I provide all of my clients with a complimentary follow-up consultation. I find it useful to spend a few minutes on the phone to discuss what went well and where improvements can be made.

We can also review the Discovery Questionnaire and discuss additional ways to uncover new profits. Where appropriate, we can identify and discuss new project/s to ensure that you continue to have excellent copy that meets your goals and grows your business.

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