The Copywriter Outdoors
The great outdoors! The driving force behind a multi Billion dollar Industry. – Photo credit: Stuart Duncan ©

The Copywriter Outdoors

Driving sales & converting customers into loyal brand advocates

Bobby Duncan

According to the Outdoor Recreation Association here in the US, the Outdoor Recreation industry generates $887 Billion in consumer spending annually and provides jobs for 7.6 Million Americans. A mere 5 years ago, those figures were $646 Billion and 6.1 Million respectively. Pretty healthy growth I’d say and great business opportunity.

Your business and other’s like it are chasing a slice of that pie.

Thing is, having a great product or service, while it’s essential to your success, is not enough. You need to be visible, you need to stand out. Prospective customers need to know about you and what you’re offering. They also need to have a compelling reason to buy from you rather than your competitor, Jack across the street.

How do you ensure you do get your slice of the pie? And keep getting it. Well, in addition to your great product and outstanding customer service, people need to know about you. You need compelling copy and content that moves your customers to buy.

Talking about copywriting, I have spent a number of years studying the principles and practice of copywriting, how to craft compelling copy that moves your customer to buy. Studying through AWAI has given me the opportunity to learn from the very best – and most successful – copywriters in the world.

It’s all about relationships

Now copywriting’s not just about moving a customer to buy from you. It’s not just a bunch of words telling your prospective customer “Buy my super duper widget, it’s the best!” The words have to be not only clear but authentic too. It’s about building relationships, a connection with your customer. You need to speak their language, show them you understand and that you care.

In the outdoor recreation industry, when it comes to driving more sales and building that relationship of trust with your customer, here’s why The Copywriter Outdoors is the right choice for you:

I write compelling copy that moves your customer and builds that relationship. Your customer should know, like and trust you and that’s what my copy can do for you.

What sets me apart from other copywriters? I speak your customers’ language, I can get inside their head, I can connect. How? By knowing your customer.

It takes one to know one

I know your customer because I AM your customer. What makes your customer tick makes me tick. I share the same passion for the outdoors, the overpowering itch to get out there. I understand that urge to flip through the catalogue or browse online when summer is just around the corner. New gear for the 4×4? Yep, been there, done that.

I have had a passion for the outdoors since childhood and almost thirty years working in various outdoor businesses. A keen interest in writing with skills honed throughout my career lends a unique perspective to my copywriting.

So take a look around my website to learn a little more about me. I have answered some of the more common questions and I talk a bit about what I can do for you.

Once you’re done, it’s quick and easy to contact me. I look forward to exploring how I can help you reach your marketing goals and build a loyal customer base.